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0.60 Release Notes

Update 9/2/18

0.60 has now been released with ZF 6 speed automatic flashing and editing!

Please see our forum link for a full list of features!

The following improvements/features are coming in the 0.60 release.

  • ZF 6HP Editing - Complete
  • ZF 6HP Flash Read - Complete
  • ZF 6HP Flash Write - Complete
  • Combine ZF TCM and PCM into a single TEC file. - Complete

 Bug Fixes

  • Navigator will automatically clear expanded nodes upon clearing the search field - Completed
  • Fix white text with red background when editing an axis and the file is dirty (not saved). - Completed
  • Enthusiast/Professional/Worshop drop down boxes in the demo version are no longer greyed out. - Completed
  • Remove scientific notation from tables and scalars. - Coming next version
  • Change layout of flash screen so that close button is not hidden on low resolution screens. - Completed
  • 2D Graphing for Axis/1D Tables - Completed

 Future releases

  • Units conversion - metric/imperial switching
  • 3D Graphing
  • Scanner with graph view
  • Scanner with histograms
  • Map tracing
  • Mustang/Ranger support
0.50 Release Notes

The following improvements are available in the 0.50 release.

See the full change history on the forum 

0.50 Release Notes - Forum

  • Ability to click anywhere on the navigator groups to expand the group. Previously you had to click on the tiny -> icon which could be difficult on a laptop trackpad.
  • Maths Parameters - Can now enter ".55" and it will treat it as "0.55". Previously it would type over the decimal place and you could accidentally enter 55 instead of 0.55.
  • Change history drop down menu for tables
  • Scalar view auto scroll when opening to display the parameter that was originally clicked on
  • Undo and change history view
  • Auto downloading of stock files 
  • Addition of "stock" to change history of all files 
  • Compare to stock
  • Stock file included in all .tec files to allow easily comparing to stock and seeing where a parameter lies vs the stock value.

 Bug Fixes

  • Attempting to read a vehicle when not logged in would give an error saying the vehicle was not supported instead of "Must be logged in" when attempting to license the vehicle.
  • Improve consistency of units and use SI where possible